Time, Teachers, and Music Direct

Time: It is the measure of music and the measure of life. Those short on time, view it as a very precious commodity. In 1993, Music Direct was founded on the premise that educators are short on time. It remains true today.

Our Goal: Saving You Time

One of Music Direct's goal is to save educators time by providing a musical outlet offering the best band music available, quickly and conveniently.

Selecting quality music no longer requires visiting a store, browsing endless titles, and evaluating music. Rather, Music Direct evaluates new music, selects the highest quality titles, records these titles, and provides this recording free of charge to educators. Teachers save time and know they are getting top quality, educational music.


The Music Direct Selection Process

Most teachers know how to select music; it's just that they may be unable to afford the time it takes to do it properly.

Each year, one of the most important things we do for our customers is spend time selecting new titles. We listen to titles repeatedly, seeking quality music. For seventeen years the annually selected titles were presented in a CD of Select Concert Band Music. Now, new titles are featured on our web page.

The selection process ensures we are in touch with every new piece of music released each year, thereby keeping us on top of what is going on in the print music industry.

The Music Direct Select CD

Music Direct has produced seventeen CD’s, one for every year of business. To our knowledge we were the first music dealer of the time to use the CD format, as opposed to cassette tape.

The CD's we produce serve two valuable purposes:

  1. A selection tool:
    • Educators can quickly peruse new titles, selecting pieces that suit their specific needs. Teachers can listen to approximately 40 titles rather than sort through 500.
  2. An educational tool:
    • The CD can be played for the students, aiding in the instruction process of the piece at hand and assisting students to form strong concepts of musicality, including tone production, balance, blend, phrasing, and more.
    • We could save time and money by not producing a recording but there would be no lasting reusable tool.

Our Web Site

Easy to use. A collection of all CDs and more current Select New Music volumes in one convenient location. Twenty volumes of Select New Music for Concert Band in all. Our Jazz Band recordings are also housed here. The web site is wonderful resource for directors when choosing music. A useful aid for students to access recordings of music chosen by the director.

Also purchase; reeds, woodwind supplies, brass supplies, percussion supplies, music folders, music room supplies, method/text books, solos/ensembles, jazz, teacher reference material, and guitars/ukuleles. Syllabus lists also shown here.

The Importance of a Good Fit

Selecting good music for your group is a key aspect to a successful performances.

A certain composition may be wonderful, but if it is not a proper fit for your group, even a good band can deliver a poor performance. Ensuring the music matches the strengths of your players is paramount to a successful concert. Educators strive to highlight strong sections and minimize the weaker sections while challenging everyone.

Repertoire; the most important part of the curriculum. Selecting repertoire, one of the most important jobs of the director. Good repertoire consistently chosen with a specific group in mind can really boost a program and add to everyone's success. It's an ongoing process that is best done throughout the year because your students will change, adapt, and grow (yeah!), and the music should always be chosen to meet their developing needs.

Bang For Your Buck

Financially we put time and money into finding good music so teachers can get the most bang for their buck from the budget. Using the budget properly on quality materials that can be re-used is important. We can provide confidence that your dollars are spent on quality educational music.


Approximately 3000 concert band pieces, 500 jazz band pieces, and a growing choral library, in stock. We strive to have all titles on our web page always in stock. With an approach to offering only quality titles, we never intended to house such a big library. However after twenty years even with a selective approach, our stock has grown into one of the largest libraries of quality music.

Special/Rush Orders

We specialize in getting any title in print from any publisher in the world to meet your timeline.


Publishers really sweat the details when it comes to offering a top quality printed musical product. Quality engraving on quality paper, a usable and proper conductor score all housed in a cover that usually identifies the series, grade and other pertinent information for that title for that publisher. However sometimes there may not be time to wait for the printed version. Publishers are offering more titles available via e-print. This can be a solution if a part or a set is needed quickly. With e-print the quality of the end product is dependent on the printer at hand, there will not be a cover, and a conductor score will be unbound, likely single sided and not as user friendly.

New Music/Reading Sessions

Where we release our new music. Currently Music Direct offers three sessions in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton, held just prior to the start of the school year. Join our e-mail list to receive notification of these events. Our unique sessions are a highlight of the year for many.

The Value of Music Education

Music Direct understands the importance and value of instrumental music education. Our service is one way we assist teachers that work in this wonderful field. We thank our past customers for their support over the last twenty years and look forward to helping teachers in the future. It is an honour to have our services help in the instruction of the young people under your guidance.

Don Closson
Music Direct Ltd.


About Don Closson- Owner of Music Direct

Don Closson earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan. Here, he studied privately and played in wind orchestras, jazz ensembles and chamber ensembles. He has been a member of the Ceremonial Guard Band on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, performing for prime ministers, dignitaries, and the Royal Family. He has performed with various wind orchestras and jazz ensembles in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Twenty eight years in the educational music industry, twenty three of them in his own music business (Music Direct Ltd.) are part of Don's experience offered to educators. Don can help teachers with experience gained from "both sides of the fence" as he has taught concert and jazz band from grades five to twelve in Saskatchewan and Alberta in public and separate school boards. He continues to play and remains an active saxophone clinician in Calgary and Banff. Don is a member of the Saskatchewan Band Association, the Alberta Band Association and regulary attends conferences by those associations. He is also a member of the Canadian Band Association. He is a member of the Retail Print Music Dealers Association and a regular attendee of their annual conference, held in Boston, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Columbus, Dallas, Las Vegas and St. Louis. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) also has Don as a member.

Don has been selected as a member of the Presidential Who's Who Among Business and Professional Achievers - a recognition shared by those who have reached a distinguished level of success in their profession. The Stanford Who's Who has honored him as a member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in their occupation and industry.

The Phi Beta Mu International School Bandmaster Fraternity has appointed Don as an honorary member.

About Janita Anderson

Janita has enjoyed working full time as office manager and accounts administrator of Music Direct since the spring of 2015. Janita received a Bachelor of Communication and Culture (BCC) with a Minor in Music from the University of Calgary in 2014 and a Diploma of the London College of Music in Pianoforte Teaching (DipLCM(TD)) in 2011. Aside from working full time at Music Direct, Janita runs her own private piano studio in Calgary, and is very involved with her church as a pianist and music leader. She loves her very musical career! When not working, Janita enjoys spending time with her husband, together they love to go camping and explore new places.

About Lorne Pankratz

Lorne has been with Music Direct since the fall of 2014. Lorne has a Master of Music Theory from the University of Alberta, an ARCT in Piano Teaching from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary, and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary. When not at Music Direct Lorne is a busy piano accompanist for many community choirs where he is also instructor of music theory.


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