Jun 10, 2014

New In Music Education for Band/Choir

Here is what is new in Music Education

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New! - Essential Elements Interactive. Essential Elements 2000 is now Essential Elements Interactive (EEi) and it has a new web page. Essential Elements users may now access the new web site with on-line tools to foster the learning process with access given for free. The web site is designed to be a bridge between students at school and when they go home.


Features Include:

  • A music studio with practice tools like: playback, record, looping, tempo control, tuner. There is a choice of musical styles for accompaniment tracks. Students can record their performance and email it to their teacher, friend, or family.
  • High Definition instrument pedagogy videos offer private lesson type instruction on any internet device.
  • Supplementary material including instrument specific sections, additional duets and trios, fingering worksheets, note naming, and rhythms sections worksheets. These materials are updated by Hal Leonard creating an ever evolving method book.
  • Teachers can upload assignments, warm-ups, videos to share with students and archive for future.
  • An assignment section allows teachers to remind students/parents about assignments, request recordings from students, and keep everyone up to date with progress and expectations.
  • A calendar section allows teachers to remind about upcoming events and a communication section allows easy contact to parents and students.

Since this is web based, it all works on any internet device, and its free to all Essential Elements Book 1 users. The method book itself, aside from a slight change to the cover and the removal of the disc is the same.

There are many excellent choices of band methods from the customized option of Sound Innovations to Tradition of Excellence to Measures of Success, to Essential Elements Interactive, or the tried and true methods of old. A director has never had so many choices.

Click below for a tour of Essential Elements Interactive:

New! - We have been updating our web page search features. You can now search for 200,000 Hal Leonard band, choral and other titles from our page. Click the link, then click Search Music tab (may take a moment to load)

New! - Vandoren reeds are now kept in stock year round. They have become a regularly stocked reed in addition to the Rico and Rico Royal always here. Reeds will be on our upcoming June Sale.

New! - Teaching Music through Performance in Middle School Choir, Vol. 1, Set 2 CD his second CD of middle school choir recordings feature unison and canons, SA, SSA, SAA, TB repertoire from the series. These are beautiful recordings of some of the great repertoire in print for the middle school level that serve as excellent models of what great singing can be at this level. #CD-927 $32.00

Also available in this series is:

New! - Jazzer's Cookbook - Creative Recipes for Players and Teachers.  Mike Tomaro, Jeff Jarvis, Bob Mintzer and 49 other jazz authors offer short creative "recipes" for jazz success that allow you to put quality ingredients (hot sauce) into the rehearsal room. $29.95

Also in this series are six more of these unique books. All are $29.95 and are in stock:

  • The Music Director's Cookbook
  • The Choral Director's Cookbook
  • The Brass Player's Cookbook
  • The Woodwind Player's Cookbook
  • The Drum and Percussion Cookbook
  • The String Teacher's Cookbook

Our annual June Sale is just around the corner. You will receive an email when the sale is posted to our page. Orders on the June Sale can have billing delayed till fall and next year’s budget. Or immediate billing can be requested to use remaining funds from this years budget. It is always a good idea to check your budget at this time and for its future strength be sure to fully spend it.

Reading Session/Party dates will be announced soon.

Thank you for reading this.

All the best to you as this year starts to wind down.


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Jun 10, 2014

Here is what is new in Music Education

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