May 17, 2017

New in Music Education for Band and Choir

Some New Music For Summer!
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Hello!  As the school year winds down and final concerts are upon you remember summer holidays are not far off.  Soon you’ll be sunburned and wishing you were back in school.  OK maybe not.  You’ll use sunscreen! 

But with summer’s approach that means our annual June Sale is also not far off (click  Get even better prices and have billing delayed till fall on next year's budget.  Of if your principal is saying “Use it or lose it", give us a call and an invoice can be emailed promptly to meet a tight timeline.  Because your principal is not talking about brain exercises and avoiding Alzheimers, but rather is referring to depleting the budget now.  Keep your budget strong, use it up!  

Please see the below for new items and updates in music education.  Watch our June Sale for special pricing.

And also check our web page late summer for our selected new music picks."  This upcoming year we will celebrate our 25th year of business!  For the 25th time I look forward to offering these “picks” for concert band, jazz, and choir.  There is much listening to do yet, oh my gosh, but already some gems have been found. 


New! - Excellence in Chamber Music (Tradition of Excellence) - $9.95 

(Watch for June Sale Pricing)


Tradition of Excellence: Excellence in Chamber Music is a collection of flexibly scored ensembles— perfect for festivals, fall or spring concerts, summer camps, or ensemble practice. All fifteen songs are arranged for any combination of band instruments, from solo to small ensemble to full concert band. Excellence in Chamber Music Book 1 is correlated with Tradition of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method, Book 1. 

Perfect Addition To Any Starting Band Program!

  • 15 favourite melodies scored for maximum performance flexibility.
  • Mix-and-match any combination of band instruments.
  • Playable as solos, duets, trios, larger ensembles, or even full concert band.
  • Add the Piano/Guitar Accompaniment to enhance performance.

 W40F-Excellence In Chamber Music Book 1 - Conductor Score (Table of Contents) 

New! - Habits of a Successful Choir Director - Eric Wilkinson and Scott Rush - $46.95

(watch for June Sale pricing)

Habits of a Sucessful Choir Director presents effective teaching principles and provides a practical
approach to everyday issues choir directors face. Building on the successful Habits series, Eric Wilkinson and Scott Rush have created a practical guide to all aspects of a successful choral program, including:

  • Program organization and management
  • Teaching the components of singing
  • Rehearsal strategies and ensemble fundamentals
  • Music literacy and repertoire selection
  • Strategies for assessment
  • The significance of music making

Additional sections address musicianship, classroom management, working with parents and colleagues, the importance of warm-up time, building student leadership, professional development, field trips, fundraising, schoolwide scheduling, developing a mission statement, and quality of life issues

This is a comprehensive book that will exponentially inspire as teaching skills grow. It will serve as a constant and essential companion throughout the career of any choir director.

"In an engaging and collegial voice, Eric Wilkinson and Scott Rush offer practical advice and excellent resources for choral directors. Having both built highly successful programs throughout their careers, Wilkinson and Rush draw on their experiences to provide perspective, ideas, and ‘how-to’s’ that will benefit every teacher.”


New! - Boosters to the Rescue - Handbook for Educators - Vandewalker - $69.95

(watch for June Sale pricing)

New! - Strategic Plans for a Successful Booster Club - Vandewalker - $69.95

(watch for June Sale pricing)

With  current government cut backs and current economic climate having a music boosters club can be very beneficial for bands and choirs.  Boosters can add not just financial support but moral and advocacy support as well.  Veteran band director David Vandewalker has been successfully empowering school parent organizations for years.

Both books come with access to online reproducible resources to help you set and achieve a long-term vision for your organization and build an amazing team of people dedicated to musical excellence!

 Practical tools to modernize your program into a 21st-century booster organization that can function as a successful small business and significantly support the school music and arts programs.


A companion resource to Boosters to the Rescue!Strategic Plans includes project-planning guides for three diverse sizes of booster clubs: Developing, Growing, and Maximizing.


Please see below for news from Alfred on Sound Innovations Directors Choice band method.  This only applies to the customized version, the standard version will still be available

Dear Sound Innovations Director's Choice users,

Please note that Alfred Music will be discontinuing the Sound Innovations Director's Choice option as of May 31, 2017. Current Director’s Choice users may still place their final order until May 31. Please note that the best-selling Sound Innovations Standard Edition will continue to be available and moving to the standard edition will be a natural migration.

Most of the content offered in the Director's Choice edition will soon be available to all Sound Innovations customers:

  • The additional tunes and supplemental enrichment pages will be downloadable at no cost.
  • All audio and video content will be available in an online platform where students can access it anywhere.

Sound Innovations continues to grow in popularity.  Thank you for your participation in the groundbreaking Sound Innovations Director’s Choice method.

If you have questions regarding these changes please contact Music Direct or Alfred.

We pay all customs, brokerage and shipping to get any of the above titles to us.  You do not pay extra or separate for that.  A much smaller mailing charge from us to you may apply.  Prices plus GST.
Thank you for reading.  Only about 30 school days left!


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